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Changes in life are never easy but having a trusted advisor is critical. Glenn was always on point with his foresight, strategy and implementation. Never too busy to be available for my questions or concerns and always offered options and explanations in ways to proceed. Ethical, extremely knowledgeable, persistent, caring, patient and respected among his peers and in the legal community. I always had peace of mind knowing he was representing me, looking out for me and always had my best interests at heart. I highly recommend Mr. Ziegler and his services. 

— J. Schillace

Justice Scale

We came to Glenn with a complicated and emotional termination of parental rights and adoption case.  Glenn was knowledgeable, supportive, and steadfast as he guided us through the adoption process.   The care, determination he showed helped make a traumatic situation more bearable, all while keeping our budget in mind. I can’t express how much Glenn’s work has meant to our family.

— S. Eyring

When I was getting divorced two years ago there was no question in my mind that Glenn Ziegler would be my lawyer. He felt my urgency and definitely took care of what needed to be taken care of as his priority. He was patient and attentive and had my best interest in mind while remaining compassionate and understanding of my emotional state. He managed to navigate me through the process and with just enough aggression toward my ex-husband, I walked away with a quick divorce and kept the ownership of my business one hundred percent!

 — J. Pfeffer

Glenn Ziegler was highly recommended by a trusted friend. She said "Glenn would do a good job for my son" (who was facing a complex felony charge). "Good job" was an understatement. Glenn's expertise of criminal law and his unwavering confidence allowed him to wait and closely monitor events that were unfolding in this complicated case. He never reacted without methodically and instinctively thinking through all options as opportunities presented themselves. I will never forget the dreaded day in court when my son faced a tough judge, not knowing if he would accept the plea agreement on the table. I wept as I heard the judge himself say "you have a great lawyer -- you need to thank him." The plea was accepted. We are not only thankful, we are forever grateful to Glenn Ziegler. He is smart, confident, and experienced, but not only this, he genuinely cares. Thank you for letting me express my thoughts about you my friend. I sincerely mean every word

— S. Green

An judge taking notes

I had been a family law secretary for over 27 years, just recently retiring. During all those years I have met many attorneys, however none like Glenn Ziegler. He is one of the most professional down to earth attorneys I have ever met. His character speaks volumes. He is a person who is willing to fight for his clients and be reasonable at the same time. He works with opposing counsel to resolve issues important to both parties, without the necessity of court hearings . I am proud to know this man. In economic times when people are struggling with family issues, he is on top of his game and willing to go the extra mile to be the best advocate that he can be for them.

— M. Wrobel

Signing a Contract

In 2015 after accepting the fact that my marriage of more than 20 years was going to end, I was fortunate to be referred to Glenn Ziegler. He handled my divorce with the utmost professionalism and made the heart wrenching experience manageable. Throughout the process, he was honest, kind, very efficient and punctual and I found his fees quite reasonable. My unique settlement agreement required significant attention to detail on Glenn’s part due to the need to address future vesting of assets and alimony calculations which required “out of the box” thinking. In just over 6 months, he had not only finalized my divorce, but he was able to negotiate an excellent settlement in terms of permanent alimony, child support, as well as a percentage of my ex-husband’s annual bonus. I would highly recommend his legal services to anyone finding themselves in need of dissolving their marriage

— A. Bethea

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